Chemical Storage Safety measures In Industry

Today, In this chemical storage guide, we will cover what are the safety precautions that need to be taken. These dos and don’t will help you to have proper knowledge of Chemical Storage Safety measures.

In any chemical industry, various chemicals are being used and required in the manufacturing process. Not only chemicals are used in the production department, but they are also used in the quality control departments also refer as laboratories where the sample related to production is being tested, in process development labs, and in research and development labs.

Chemical Storage Safety Measures In Industry
Chemical Storage Safety Measures In Industry 2

Storage of chemicals is really important to make sure that the production doesn’t hamper because of a shortage of raw material or the chemical used in the manufacturing process and for in-process testing purposes.

Storage of chemical facility falls under store department, which handles the chemical issues or raw material issue section. Safety precautions must be taken and proper sops must be followed in order to avoid any mistakes while handling and storage of materials.

Material handling and storage are crucial as there can be different types of material that come to the storage facility and every chemical has different chemical and physical properties. Previously we had coved detailed article on types of hazards in the chemical industry and this falls under chemical hazards. Today in this guide, we are going to know chemical storage safety measures.

What is Chemical warehouse

In the chemical industry, the chemical warehouse is a facility where all the chemicals are required for the manufacturing process, laboratories, and research labs in bulk. Finish products, intermediate products are also stored in the warehouse from where dispatch is done.

Every organization uses different terminologies such as a store, warehouse, or logistic department.

Why Safety measures are important at the chemical warehouse?

Different types of chemicals such as hazardous, radioactive, flammable, explosive, corrosive types of chemicals stored in bulk quantity in store. Lack of safety measures can result in big accidents and explosions. Hence safety techniques in chemical storage is required.

Safety measures when storing chemicals

  • Prior to getting chemicals to enter into the storage facility, a person working in the store department must have complete knowledge of the Material safety data sheet of the chemicals.
  • Read and follow the manufacturer’s & supplier’s guidelines for handling and storing chemicals.
  • Chemicals should be segregated to avoid storing incompatible chemicals together.
  • PPEs required to handle all the material and chemicals stored in the facility must be available.
  • A spillage kit must be available along with fire extinguisher and fire-fighting equipment.
  • A first aid kit should be available in the storage facility in case of skin burns due to a spill or splash of chemicals.
  • Chemical to be stored in a sturdy and strong shelf and maintain safe load limit of the shelf to avoid collapsing.
  • Large, heavy containers or liquids chemical containers should not be store on high shelves or cabinets at height. These should be stored at shoulder level or below.
  • Segregate material on phases such as solid, liquid, and gases and store it accordingly.
  • Gas cylinders and be kept upright and tied with a chain for preventing their fall.
  • The container of the chemical must be leak-free and sealed. Extra care to be taken so that container doesn’t get damaged while handling.
  • The container must be a label with the name of the chemical stored in it.
  • The only authorized person should be allowed to enter the premises.
  • The storage facility must be well ventilated to avoid the accumulation of toxic gas and poisonous and odoriferous chemicals must be stored in a dedicated poison cabinet.
  • Store flammables in an approved flammable liquid storage cabinet.
  • Proper maintenance of HVAC and periodic preventive maintenance to be done to maintain the required temperature in the storage facility.
  • Necessary detectors and Fire detection or alarm system must be installed to sense any leakage of flammable or toxic material and a CCTV camera to be installed to have proper monitoring of any unusual situation.
  • A dedicated section needs to be there for the storage of different chemicals and the section should be properly labeled.
  • The proper lighting should be ensured to have a good visibly.
  • Fire-resistant floors and walls should be used in the construction of a storage facility to avoid the probability of spreading of fire.
  • Chemicals should not become in direct contact with sunlight or rainwater.
  • Good housekeeping practices must be followed to avoid unsafe conditions.
  • Proper monitoring must be done to monitor any unusual or unfavorable condition such as listed below;
    • leakage of the liquid chemical container, spillage of chemical, gas tonner getting pressurized.
    • Temperature monitoring (Too high or too low).
    • Don’t miss chemical detector and fire alarms.
    • Broken electric wires.
    • Proper labeling and warning signs.

Important do’s and don’ts for chemical safety 

Don’ts in Chemical Storage Safety measures

  • Don’t mix the chemical containers with each other.
  • Don’t forget to affix the label on the container.
  • Don’t allow unauthorized persons to enter the premice.
  • Don’t put the material container in front of the emergency exit and block it.
  • Don’t put containers and block firefighting equipment.
  • Don’t allow any hot work into the area.
  • Don’t store empty containers with the container full with material.
  • Don’t leave lid open of any chemical containers.

Do’s in Chemical Storage Safety measures

  • Do train people working there about the material handling and provide refresher training as well.
  • Do have proper lighting and ventilation.
  • Do keep flammable and hazardous material away from ignition source, heat or spark.
  • Do follow standard procedures for handling, storing, and disposing of chemicals.

These were the Dos and Don’ts of handling and storing of chemicals. Following these instructions will not only organize your storage facility but also help to create safety at the workplace and safe chemical storage.

FAQ (Safe practices for storing hazardous substances)

1. Why is it important to ensure chemicals are kept in their original containers?

Ans. Different types of containers are available for chemical storage and every chemical is not compatible with every container type. A mistake can occur in identifying chemicals stored in another container.

2. Which feature is most important for a chemical storage area?

Ans. Important features while storing chemical is not limited to one, the storage area should have sufficient space, proper lightning for visibility, storage cabinets for toxic, flammable and toxic material and etc.

3. What are the precaution for Hazardous Material Storage

Ans. Proper labeling of the container should be done and they should be stored at a dedicated place far from incompatible chemicals. Hazardous material should not be stored at more than shoulder height.

4. What are incompatible chemicals

Ans. Incompatible chemicals mean those chemicals when result in an undesired reaction which is harmful to human health and the environment. One can check MSDS to check which chemical is

Wrapping Up

This was the detailed guide on Chemical Storage Safety measures. It is important to pay extra care for hazardous material storage to keep the workplace safe and prevent accidents  If you have any suggestions or have some addition to this chemical storage guide, then do share in the comment section and share with others. In case, you want us to cover any specific topic, do let us know through your comments. In meantime, do check out our articles related to chemical engineering and Industrial safety.

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