Safety Abbreviation List | Important Acronyms For Safety

Safety Abbreviation ListOccupational safety or in other words Industrial safety is a wide subject and unlike any other subject, as you go in-depth to have a proper grip over the subject topics, you will encounter a number of abbreviations.

To learn any subject abbreviation plays an important role as some terms are so commonly and frequently used which makes persons use long words a bit hard and here comes the use of acronyms. In industrial safety subject also, we use lots of acronyms with this subject reference, known as safety acronyms.

Safety Abbreviation List Acronyms For Safety

Today, we are sharing some commonly use safety abbreviation list that all safety officer, Chemical engineers and students should know. These fire safety acronyms may asked in examination.

Safety Abbreviation List | Acronyms For Safety

ABC – Airways Breathing Circulation

AC – Alternating Current

ACB – Air Circuit Breaker

AED – Automated External Defibrillator

AEP – Authorized Electrical Person

AFFF – Aqueous Film Forming Foam

AGT – Authorized Gas Tester

AIES – All Institute of Engineering and Safety

AISE – Advance Institute of Safety Engineering

ALARP – As Low As Reasonably Practical

ANST – American National Standard Institute

APR – Air Purifying Respirator

APW – Air Pressurized Water

ASR – Air Supplying Respirator

BBS – Behaviour Based Safety

BCSP – Board of Certified Safety Professionals

BHSS – British Health and Safety Society

BLEVE – Boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion

BP – Blancket Permit

BS – British Standards

CAZ – Control Access Zone

CFR – Code of Federal Regulations

CNG – Compressed Natural Gas

CNS – Central Nervous System

CO2 – Carbon Dioxide

COSHH – Control of Substance Hazardous to Heat

CPR – Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

CPCB – Central Pollution Control Board

CPR – Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

CS – Confined Space

CWP – Cold Work Permit

dB – Decibels

DC – Direct Current

DCP – Dry Chemical Powder

ECO – Echo Control Officer

EHO – Environment Health Officer

EHS – Environment Health and Safety

EIWP – Electrical Isolation Work Permit

ELCB – Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

EMS – Emergency Management System

EP – Excavation Permit

EPA – Environmental Protection Agency

ERP – Emergency Rescue Plan

EWO – Engineering Work  Order

FAC – First Aid Case

FEE – Fire Extinguisher Equipment

FFE – Fire Fighting Equipment

FPR – Fall Protection Required

FPS – Fall protection System

FSC – Fire Safety Co-ordination

GFA – Gujarat Factory Act

GFCI – Ground Fault Circuit Indicator

GHS – Globally Harmonized System

GK – Gas Kit

GM – Gas Monitor

GPCB – Gujarat Pollution Control Board

H2S – Hydrogen Sulphide

HAZCOM – Hazardous Communication

HAZOP – Hazardous Operability

HAZWOPER – Hazardous Waste Operability and Emergency Recovery

HIRA – Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

HML – High Medium Low

HSE – Health & Safety Executive

HSE –  Health, Safety And Environment

HWP – Heigh Weight Proportional

IDLH – Immediately Danger to Life and Health

IGC – International General Certification

IOSH – Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

ISO – International Standard Organization

JHA – Job Hazard Analysis

JRA – Job Risk Analysis

JSA – Job Safety Analysis

LC – Lethal Concentration

LD – Lethal Dose

LEL – Lower Explosive Limit

LMRA – Last Minute Risk Assessment

LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas

LOAC – Limitation of Excess Certificate

LOTO – Lock Out and Tag Out

LOTOTO – Lock-Out – Tag-Out – Try-Out

LPG – Liquid Petroleum Gas

LTA – Lost Time Accident

LTFR – Lost Time Frequency Rate

LWP – Lifting Work Permit

MCB – Miniature Circuit Breaker

MOC – Mode of Change

MSD   – Musculoskeletal Disorder

MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet

NACO – National AIDS Control Organization

NBC – National Building Code

NEBOSH – National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health

NEPA – National Environmental Policy Act

NFPA – National Fire Protection Association

NIHL – Noise induced hearing loss

NIOSH – National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

NSC – National Safety Council

NSC – National Safety Council

OEL – Occupational Exposure Limit

OH & SMS – Occupational Health and Safety Management System

OHS – Occupational Health Service

OHC – Occupational Health Center

OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration

PASSP – Pull the Pin A – Aim Base of the Fire   S – Square the Trigger S – Swipe Side by Side

PEL – Permissible Explosive Limit

PFAS – Personal Fall Arrest System

PH –  Potential Hazard

PM – Particulate Matter

POSR – Pre-operation Safety Review

PPD – Partial Permanent De-escalation

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

PPM – Part Per Million

PRC – Preparation Reinstatement Certificate

PSSR – Plant Startup Safety Review

PTW – Permit to Work

RACE  R – Rescue  A – Alarm C – Confined E – Extinguished

RPE – Respiratory Protective Equipment

RTK – Right To Know

SCBA – Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

SCUBA – Self Contained Under Water Breathing the Apparatus

SDS – Safety Data Sheet. (Formerly called Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS))

SHE – Safety Health and Environment

SLC – Sling Load Capacity

SLI – Safe Load Indicator

SO2 – Sulphur Dioxide

SOPs – Standard Operating Procedures

SSP – State Safety Program

STA – Safety Task Assignment

STEL – Short-Term Exposure Limit

STP – Sewage Treatment Plant

SWL – Safe Working Load

SWP – Safety Work Permit

SWP – Safety Working Process

SWS – Synthetic Web Sling

TBT – Tool Box Talk

TLV – Threshold Limit Value

TLV-C – Threshold limit Value – Ceiling

TPI – Third Party Inspection

TSTI – Total Safety Task Instruction

UA – Unsafe Act

UC – Unsafe Condition

UEL – Upper Explosive Limit

UFL – Upper Flammability Limit

UG – Under Ground

UN – United Nations

UV – Ultraviolet

VCE – Vapour Cloud Explosion

VEWP – Vehicle Entry Work Permit

WEEL – Workplace Environmental Exposure Limit

WDO – Waste Disposal Officer

WHMIS – Workplace Hazard Materials Information System

WHMIS – Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

WHO – World Health Organisation

WHO – World Health Organization

WMITAB – Waste Management Industry Training Advisory Board

WPA – Work Permit Application

WPC – Work Permit Control

WPV – Work Permit Validity

WRRS – Work-Related Road Safety

WRS – Wire Rope Sling

WSA – Workers’ Safety Adviser

WSC – World Safety Council

ZAP – Zero Accident Performance

FAQ (Safety Acronyms for the Workplace)

1. HIRA full form in Safety?

HIRA stands for Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

2. What is the full form of SOT in safety?

SOTY stands for safety observation tour

3. What is the full form of SOP in safety

The full form of SOP is standard operating procedure.

4. What is the full form of OSHA?

Full form of OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Wrapping Up

These are the safety abbreviations list that one should know if is he working in the chemical industry or he is a safety officer or learning a subject related to industrial safety. We recommend you download the safety acronyms list pdf in your device or bookmark to keep revising these safety full forms so that you won’t forget any of them.

If you know some fire safety acronyms then do comment in the comment section, we will update in the list. We have posted various articles related to industrial safety, so if you are interested in reading those, you can check the Industrial Safety section.

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