What is EHS? SHE or HSE | Environment, Health & Safety Department

In chemical and corporate industries, a special department names EHS is there and it is an important department. This post comprises of what is EHS? EHS meaning and why it is an important department in the industry along with the function of the SHE department.

In the1 980s, the industrial revolution takes place and during that period, lots of industries were installed where the motive was to improve the economy and generate revenue. At that time, the only focus was income which was at the cost of the environment and employees’ safety and health. In the industrial revolution, many catastrophic accidents occurred that cost hundred of worker’s life and because of that, OSHA

What Is Ehs She Or Hse Environment, Health And Safety Department

To stop this damage to the environment and for workers’ safety, OSHA mandate the EHS department to industries. EHS department is now mandatory and a legal requirement in the industry and corporated by Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.

We had talked in a previous article about What is PTW in Industries in which we had discussed how permits to work can helps to reduce the risk involved in jobs. These come under the Environment, Health & Safety department where the EHS officer ensures the permit procedure. Now without wasting more time, let’s dive into the tutorial.

What is EHS Management? | ehs meaning

EHS stands for Environment, Health and Safety, it is a department in industry-focused to work to protect the environment of the industry, the Health of the employees working in that organization, and the Safety of the employees working in the company.

E : Environment

Environment refers to the surrounding world. EHS department works to protect the environment from the harm caused due to the pollution occurred by chemicals such as chemical spillage, toxic gas release, and many more.

H : Health

Various hazardous chemicals are being used in the industry in the manufacturing process. These hazardous and toxic chemicals cause harm to human health on exposure. EHS department works in the direction to protect workers working in the company and protect them from health hazards.

S : Safety

Risk is involved in every job and process conducted in industry. EHS department works to identify the safety hazard in process and the job being conducted in plant and work to eliminate hazards and risk involved in the job and create safe working culture by improving the safety.

What are the function os EHS Department?

EHS department works towards regulatory compliance and it is formed is to put constant efforts to protects the environment, to protect employees from any health hazard from the chemical process, and job being conducted in the company and maintain the safe working atmosphere and hence protect the person working in the company from an accident.

Acronyms of EHS/SHE/HSE

EHS is often referred to as SHE and HSE also in some industries. In the united states, this department is referred as EHS while in europian and in Britain, this department is referred to as SHE and HSE. Only the name or acronyms are different other than that, the working and function of EHS, SHE, or HSE are the same. Q stands for quality and in some industries, the HSE department is referred to as the HSEQ department.

EHSEnvironment, Health, and Safety
SHESafet, health, and Environment
HSEHealth, Safety, and Environment
EH&S Environment, health, and Environment
HSEQHealth, Safety Environment quality

Why is EHS is needed?

EHS or SHE or HSE department works in a direction to protect the environment, employee’s health, and safety. The environment, health, and safety department is a legal requirement and apart from that, it works in a direction to improve the safety standards of the organization.

EHS in an important department for industries as it works with the process department and reviews the management of change which ensure that the modification in the existing process or installation of a new plant or process is reviewed completely and ensures that all the safety measures are taken to eliminate the risk involved in the process and there is no harm to the workers and environment.

What are the benefits of the EHS Department?

Above we had learned why the environment health and safety department is needed. Now let us learn what are the benefits of the SHE departments.

  • It is important for legal compliance.
  • Reduce the number of safety hazards and reduce the number of the accident occurred in the industry.
  • Protect the environment by working on risk paraments that can harm the environment.
  • Maintain a safe working environment for workers to work.
  • Workers feel valued and safe while working in the organization.

FAQ (environmental health and safety department)

1. What does ehs stand for? | What is EHS?

Ans – EHS stands for environment, health, and safety where this department focus to improve all environment and health and safety of the workers working in the organization.

2. Why is health and safety important

Ans – In industries, various types of chemicals are used for manufacturing and testing purpose, some of these chemicals are toxic and hazardous which can affect the health of workers working in the factory. To protect workers from health and risk involved in the job, health and safety are important.

3. What is SHE?

Ans – SHE stands for safety, health, and environment. This is an acronym for EHS else both are the same and the function of both departments are similar.

Wrapping Up

This is detailed information about what is EHS department, SHE, or HSE department, what are the function of the HSE department and why the EHS department is needed. If you have any problem regarding environmental health and safety then do let us know in the comment section and in case you want us to cover any specific topic then feel free to comment it down.

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