What are Hazards at Workplace? Types of Hazards in Chemical Industry

Types of Hazards in Chemical Industry

We have discussed multiple times the importance of Industrial safety and with respect to that, in today’s article, we will discuss types of hazards in chemical industry. As discussed what is a hazard in Safety Hierarchy Of Controls¬†let us know the types of hazards and also have complete knowledge of the hazards. Hazard identification is …

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Safety Hierarchy Of Controls [6 Steps Of Hazard Prevention]

safety hierarchy of controls

You can separate yourself from hazards while working because there is always a risk involved in the work. The thing you can do is reduce risk. OSHA had posted¬†Hazard Prevention and Control on the website which is a hierarchy also known as the safety hierarchy of controls which can help with hazard prevention and control. …

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What are the 4 stages of fire?

4 stages of fire

In this article, we will be discussing the stages of fire. There are generally four stages of fire: incipient, growth, fully developed, and decay. Each stage has its own characteristics that will be discussed in more detail below. Knowing the different stages of fire can help you better understand how to fight a fire, and …

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Fire triangle – Fire Tetrahedron in Detail

fire triangle definition

Basic safety starts from understanding what is fire triangle and What fire triangle consists of? This article is all about what three ingredients are required to ignite a fire. Industrial safety has now become a key factor for industries and a point of focus. Now without industrial safety policies, it is not possible for industries …

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