What is EHS? SHE or HSE | Environment, Health & Safety Department

What Is Ehs She Or Hse Environment, Health And Safety Department

In chemical and corporate industries, a special department names EHS is there and it is an important department. This post comprises of what is EHS? EHS meaning and why it is an important department in the industry along with the function of the SHE department. In the1 980s, the industrial revolution takes place and during …

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Fire Safety In The workplace & Industry

Fire Safety In The Workplace

Safety from fire is essential at any workplace as it can result in huge loss of human as well as property. Today, in this post, we are going to lean what is Fire Safety In The workplace and fire safety tips. In the chemical industry, at home or at offices, fire safety is very crucial …

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Chemical Storage Safety measures In Industry

Chemical Storage Safety Measures In Industry

Today, In this chemical storage guide, we will cover what are the safety precautions that need to be taken. These dos and don’t will help you to have proper knowledge of Chemical Storage Safety measures. In any chemical industry, various chemicals are being used and required in the manufacturing process. Not only chemicals are used …

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Hot work permit system purpose and Hazards in Detail

Hot Work Permit Safety Permit

Hot work is dangerous work that has claimed a number of lives over the past years and continues due to various hazards associated with it and lack of awareness and proper information of control measures. In this detailed article, we are going to discuss the Purposes and Hazards of the Hot work permit system. The …

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Lock out Tag out Steps | What is LOTO Procedure and Why it is Essential?

Lock Out Tag Out Steps Loto Procedure

Want to know what is lock out Tag out Steps? and why it is essential in industries to protect workers from hazardous energy? In this guide, we will learn what are the Lockout Tagout procedures. In manufacturing industries, different types of machines, equipment are used in the manufacturing process which helps to do the work …

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OSHA Confined Space Entry permit, Hazards, procedure & Example

Osha Confined Space Entry Permit

In the workplace, safety is becoming a crucial part, and not only that it becomes a social and legal obligation to provide a safe and healthy working environment to all employees working at the workplace. To avoid hazards and danger, a permit work system needs to follow in industries. There are different types of PTW …

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